The Community Media Platform

Join a growing movement of media centers across the country supporting their communities with Localeyz – aggregating and distributing all forms of community content including live streaming and video on demand, live radio and podcasts, and local and citizen journalism. We're working together creating technology to build diverse digital spaces promoting free speech, community connections, and essential democracy.

The change you've been waiting for.

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Localeyz Content Manager

  • Producer submitted content and staff moderation
  • Private and public groups for engagement
  • Drag and drop media uploader
  • Integration YouTube, Vimeo, and
  • Integration with master control systems
  • Podcast integration from any provider
  • Live radio and live streaming from any provider
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iOS and Android App

  • Content automated from Localeyz Content Manager
  • Individual center branding and info page
  • Search content by center or across ALL centers
  • Find my center and location services
  • Native sharing through phone OS
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Reservations System

  • Complete inventory system
  • Producer-driven reservations
  • Multiple reservations at once
  • Easy staff review
  • Automated check out and check in
  • Equipment status and history
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Civic Engagement

  • Automated closed captions
  • Video and meeting materials archive
  • Search and jump to specific agenda points
  • Automated transcriptions & translation
  • Automatically create live events in Youtube
  • Sync agenda timestamper to event
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Donations, Events, and Membership

  • Staff and member views
  • Membership Management
  • Event Management
  • API for 3rd Party CRMs
  • Secure payment
  • Connected with Mailchimp
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  • Need us to build a custom feature? No problem!
  • Contact us for estimates and pricing
Localeyz is a platform cooperative for hyperlocal content promoting free speech, community connections, and local information economies based on the core values below.


Minimize competition through a community media center-owned platform focused on emerging technologies.


Develop new streams of revenue and charitable donations for community media centers.


Rebrand how communities, politicians, and foundations view PEG Access and hyperlocal content.

Strength in Numbers

Together, we are the sprinboard for non-commercialized, individually-driven aggregated content across all communities to mobilize and advocate for essential democracy.

Civic Engagement

Promote free speech, government transparency and community dialog through innovative media toolsets.

Localeyz Cooperative

Some of Our Community Media Center Members

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