Localeyz Features

All the tools you need to streamline your internal workflows, train and grow your membership, allow producers to submit content, make equipment reservations, and create impact across your community. Check out some of our favorite features below, and contact us for a demo to see more or access a free trial.

Free Trial

Our Base Platform Includes

  • Fully Responsive (Desktop/Tablet/Mobile)
  • Automated TV Schedules
  • Curated and Automated Playlists
  • Live Streams
  • Localeyz iOS and Android app
  • SEO and App Visibility
  • Branded Widgets
  • Content Moderation
  • Innovative Support
  • YouTube, Vimeo, and Archive.org Integration
  • Aggregated Podcasts
  • Live Radio
  • Playback System Automation
  • Embed Everywhere!
  • Groups
  • Producer Portal
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Donations, Membership, and Events
  • Global CDN
  • The change you've been waiting for.

    Stay in Sync

    With a focus on user experience design, producers can now engage online with their community media centers and each other like never before. Submit media directly through Localeyz submission forms (no more Dropbox or WeTransfer), create producer groups around common projects and interests, and allow your producers self-service of programs, episodes, membership and event management, make equipment reservations, and much more. Enjoy a simple UI to manage your producers and content, set up email notifications, and cut your staff workflow in half via automations and integrations.

    Extend Your Partnerships in Seconds

    Bring together your hyperlocal video and audio storytelling. Deliver and curate your community radio and community podcasts from any source with just an RSS feed. Add flexible, searchable podcast and radio widgets anywhere on your website and automatically have them sent to your iOS and Android app.

    Localeyz iOS and Android App

    Reach your audience and supporters through a beautifully designed and easy-to-use app while expanding your reach and growing membership without the headache of staff time to maintain it. The Localeyz App lets you create TV, radio, and event live streams tied to their schedules within minutes. You'll have your community media center branding, provide curated on-demand video and podcasts, drive your content to constiutents via location-based services, and you'll provide your community with an added bonus - the one stop shop for personalized content aggregated from community media centers across the country.

    Fully Integrated Equipment Reservations

    Services that once required an in-person visit or phone call during business hours can now be done online any time. Give your producers the power to make their equipment reservations when they want, where they want. Create unlimited reservations at once, easily add equipment to your cart, allow for automated check in/out, and a complete inventory history. And when a piece of equipment breaks, let Localeyz automatically check for and fix conflicts.

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